Catholic Social Teaching - Brian Singer-Towns

Catholic Social Teaching

By Brian Singer-Towns

  • Release Date: 2016-09-21
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 1.5
From 93 Ratings


Catholic Social Teaching: Christian Life in Society guides students in exploring and understanding the social teachings of the Church. It addresses the major themes of Catholic social teaching and what they express about God's plan for all people and our obligations to care for one another, especially those most in need in society. The course works to move students to a life of service and work for the Kingdom of God.
Additional interactive features! Each section now includes embedded teacher videos. These videos provide a basic overview of the content and also a personal story that connects to the key understandings from the section.

Standard features: 
• Bold vocabulary words that, when tapped, show the glossary definition 
• Hyperlinks to primary sources cited or referenced in the text, including
  -Sacred Scripture 
  -Catechism of the Catholic Church 
  -Vatican Council II, papal, and bishops’ documents 
  -Lives of the saints
• Image galleries: Each image has a caption that explains the image’s origin and/or its connection to the main text. 
• Keynote presentations: Apple’s version of PowerPoint; functions largely the same way. Keynote presentations explain or further investigate a term or concept from the main text. 
• Interactive charts, timelines, and maps that can be zoomed in or tapped to show more information. 
• Videos: Videos explain a key concept in the main text or provide an example of how to live the message contained in the main text. Videos are linked from YouTube and require an internet connection to view. 
• Interactive quizzes: At the end of each part there is an 8-question multiple choice quiz that is self-scoring, offering the student immediate feedback.


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