My Best Friend's Soldier - Complete Series - J. Richards

My Best Friend's Soldier - Complete Series

By J. Richards

  • Release Date: 2018-05-18
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 35 Ratings


Don’t fall in love with a Soldier…
Or an Airman, or a Marine, or any other good looking man in a uniform that would end up dragging him away from me, and leaving me heartbroken and alone. Just like my father did.
Don’t fall in love with a Soldier. 
That was my mantra, until I met my best friend’s older brother, Trent. 
Now that I’ve done the unthinkable and let him crawl under my skin and into my foolish heart, I just have to figure out how to fall OUT of love with him before Sara finds out. 
Trent may be older than Sara, but she has always been very protective of her big brother. She hates any female that even looks in his direction, and I can’t begin to imagine the hurtin’ she would put on me if she found out I have entertained the idea of him for even longer than half a second.
She’s my best friend and I can’t afford to lose any more people in my life, but how will I ever untangle my heart from around her soldier’s finger? 

This is the Complete My Best Friend's Soldier Series by J. Richards.


  • My Best Friend’s Soldier-complete

    By Jossielou
    I literally read this in one sitting, so hot and intense. Soldiers always get to me, but what families go through is so much more sacrifice. This is one heck of a story make sure you have extra panties and a box of tissues.
  • GREAT!!!!!!

    By TheWrathOfJulia
    This series was great! I loved the main characters they were entertaining also loved the sister. Wished she gets her happy ending too maybe in her own series. I live for this series just wished it was longer.
  • My Bestfriend’s Soldier

    By Mariah1417
    This series was super romantic and sexy.
  • My best friend’s soldier

    By Jenant2001
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Great read!
  • My Best Friend’s Soldier

    By Qween58
    I just loved it. I had a hard time putting it down. My grandchildren had a hard time getting my attention. Thank you for a great book.
  • My Best Friend’s Soldier

    I really enjoyed this book, I loved the plot and how it played out. I liked how there was romance and an actual storyline to follow.
  • My best friend’s soldier

    By shellieb410
    Great read! Couldn’t put it down. Wish there was more.
  • My Best Friends Soldier

    By Tdeike
    I really enjoy this book, keep you on your toes. Can't wait to see what happens next. Wish the ending was a little more but over all you really connected with the characters. Hope you all enjoy this book as much as I did. ( Tracy )
  • My Best friend's Soldier, J. Richards, iBooks

    By Peeked interest
    Hot, sweet, sexy story really touched me. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I'm glad Keylee has found love and happiness in the arms of this charming soldier.
  • My best friend's soldier complete series j Richards

    By Vv vvvv
    It's best book of all time and gifted writer of all time.