Where Eagles Crawl and Men Fly - Jelani Nias

Where Eagles Crawl and Men Fly

By Jelani Nias

  • Release Date: 2016-05-27
  • Genre: Fantasy


Welcome to Warri, Wadad, where "all God's children" got real wings and the devil's earthy brood brandish shotguns. But it's hard to tell
the good from the bad in this marvellous mash-up of Action and Fantasy. In Warri, crime is as much entertainment as it is a lucrative
necessity. Even bums prosper-through-violence. They let frustrated execs batter them--just "for a buck." In this ingeniously imaginative
novel, ghetto dwellers and high-flyers spread their wings only to see them clipped. But, like Lucifer expelled from Heaven, their flaming
downfalls are hypnotically radiant.