The Ultimate 7 Steps to Awaken Your Alpha Male: How to Conquer Negative Thinking, Become Fearless, Master Confidence, Improve Your Life, Follow Your Passion and Attract Women - Keith Braxton

The Ultimate 7 Steps to Awaken Your Alpha Male: How to Conquer Negative Thinking, Become Fearless, Master Confidence, Improve Your Life, Follow Your Passion and Attract Women

By Keith Braxton

  • Release Date: 2015-07-21
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
Score: 4.5
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It’s Time to Unleash the Alpha Male Within You!

By the end of this book, I expect you to be able to hold your head up high, laugh at your own fears, embrace your passions, find your desired personality, approach women with full confidence and be the most awesome alpha male out there!

If you really want to know how to be a true alpha male, you have to BECOME one, and not PRETEND to be one by trying to do a list of the “dos and don’ts.” This e-book will help you to become a true alpha male from the inside out. Yes, it starts from the inside out, NOT the other way around. You can’t fake it. Faking it is equivalent to lying about who you are.

Believe it or not, you are ALREADY an alpha male, and always have been. All you have to do is to uncover your true nature – your true, authentic, alpha male self!

But how do you do that? Where do you even start? What are different practices you can implement NOW? Don't worry! All these questions and more will be answered in the book.

If you’d like to uncover your true nature, and get back to who you really are, then you will definitely find this book to be invaluable. Not only will it help you to uncover who you really are, but also, it will give you tools and techniques that many other books lack in order to conquer the most difficult obstacles that are stopping you from being the ultimate alpha male; namely, negative thoughts and beliefs. All your life you have been programmed to fail, but that doesn’t mean this mental attitude can’t be undone. This book will help to strip away all of the negativity so that you can be your true self, your alpha male self.

What can you expect to learn? How does this book benefit you?

In this jam-packed book, you will learn 7 steps to become a true alpha male. In it, you will discover:

Secrets of the universe
Who you really are and how to embrace your true selfHow to Become Ultra Confident and handle any situationHow to push yourself and develop a leader mentalityHow to trust your gut instinct for instant alpha male decision makingHow to know when to take inspired actionHow to follow your passion and create a great lifeWhy it is so important for you to get your life together firstHow to attract any woman and have them chasing after you!A very new technique almost guaranteed to give you instant confidence
Read this Book and Uncover Your Powerful, Alpha Male Self Today!

Our goal in this book is to ultimately focus on yourself and your life. After you do so, THEN you will reap all of the rewards. Don't desire to become an alpha male because you will get to have your dream house, your dream car, or your dream girl. Desire to become an alpha male because of WHO you will become along the way – because of the man that you will become.  When you fully step into who you really are, then all your wishes in life will all become a natural by-product of what happens when you BECOME your true alpha male self.

You already have the alpha male inside of you, NOW it’s time to UNLEASH it!


  • True

    By gmann750
    very encouraging so far.... and refreshing change from those “how to pick up a girl” books. Focuses more on finding yourself and liking yourself instead of jumping out there half baked and getting nowhere eventually. Liking the sample so much I ordered a hard copy from amazon.
  • Two Thumbs Up

    By TDashMo
    This is a great quick read! It’s full of helpful tips to help you achieve the more alpha male in you.
  • Great Little Book

    By Pro Acts
    I really enjoyed reading this book and makes a lot of logical points!
  • Just what I needed!

    By Bigdaddymanning
    If you’re a guy you need to take an hour or two and read this book! You won’t regret it!
  • Superb thoughts

    By bababillu1102
    Very practical for today’s world. Really surprising to see that an alpha male is just another guy😄
  • Good book, quick read

    By Noble99
    Reinforces a lot of what you know you should be doing. Can be read once week if needed.
  • Decent Read

    By TheOnlyAndOnlyLegend
    I feel like I already knew the information but it was definitely great to hear it all again. The information about EFT was great and I will definitely be checking that out on YouTube. Also for a free book I give this a three star.
  • Awesome

    By Rocking Pokemon!
    This book gives some amazing insight! It’s a fun read!
  • The Ultimate 7 Steps to Awaken your Alpha Male

    By Vguru12
    Absolutley amazing! Definitely a book that I will reread more then once.
  • Gut’s.

    By Evans Contreras .
    Grate book, grate read. This book will bring back that confidence that you thought you lost some where along your path, and will open your eyes on been your self and most important loving been your self and stay confident rather is for your profecional career or as simple as walking down the street and feeling like a king for been your self!